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Originally Posted by jessehell View Post
Thanks for the reply. I have torque pro. I can log those sensors in the morning when the car is cold again.

As for the evap, I have done 20+ min drives, in the morning with proper fuel levels, and idled for the time required. I know there is an "every other time" requirement with this test. Does that mean I need to do two successful 20 min drives meeting all prerequisites in a row? I may not have ever done them consecutively.
Look forward to seeing your data.
Does evap test need to meet two consecutive test requirement? That's is a good question, but I am not so certain. My guess is that they don't need to be consecutive. Don't take my word for it though because I don't know the actual BMW's logic. Please try to meet the requirement consecutively to disprove me.

In addition, you don't need to let it idle. Actually evap test is conducted after engine is turned off. Here is a quote from my old post.

"I also saw the EVAP system ready after arriving at work, and car turned off. I could hear a couple of clicking sound from the trunk area within probably 10 seconds of engine shut-off. I monitored the emission status with the Torque Pro, and I saw the status change. My bluetooth OBD scanner was still able to communicate to DME while engine was shut off. I guess that was what DME "follow up mode" we saw in the BMW manual. Try this while sitting in the car listening for the clicking noise with your scanner connected."
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