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I don't want to take the M5 to STL. School, a parking garage, and winter just isn't a good combo and I won't be able to keep the M5 in the same shape it is in now. The M5 would make it, but it just means too much to me to bring it to STL where it will get neglected. Heck, I might even sell the M5 next summer if I get a good enough beater that won't break down on me.

The seller of the E46 has stopped replying to me. No matter, I'll email him once I return to NJ and ask to set up an appointment to see the car. Finals has me so stressed out so taking a break and looking at cars is a nice way to relax.

I'm still on the hunt for some E36's that fit my budget. I also found an E39 that seems nice but it is nearly $5k. I'll deal with all of it when I go back to NJ though!
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