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I have been a bit silent on this as of late as I want not exactly sure where to direct anyone next.

There could still be a wiring problem that the DME cannot detect, but before we go there, I think what DSLBoomer mentioned is a good idea. Comparing to a known good car at this point is probably the most helpful thing you can do.

As for the Evap, I am not 100% sure, but this may not clear until all other stages clear?? I know Evap can be the hardest and last thing to clear at times.

I also think there are things that may still need to be checked and verified on the Evap system that do not get mentioned often. Charcoal canister, hoses associated with the charcoal canister, Evap solenoid,gas cap. I believe on some if not all cars there is an air/vacuum pump that does run after the car is shut down. Not knowing the full history on the car, hard to know if there was an accident, damage or for some reason a part of the Evap system was removed. All in all except for the gas cap being loose, not installed and the Evap solenoid, the Evap system is pretty trouble free, this is why there is little info out there on it??? I have never had any issues with Evap systems other than the Evap solenoids.

Maybe time to get on RealOEM and start looking at what Evap parts your car may have.

Also simple test for your problem O2 sensor is to possibly just unplug it and see where the Voltage goes, also you can possibly swap wiring sides, if the harnesses reach, just to see if the problem follows the harness, which I suspect it may.

I will post a few things up later that I was hesitant to post as they are WORSE case situations.
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