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Another Red State/Blue State Topic

The America's Health Foundation's 2012 America's Health Rankings once again shows a clear, almost stunning, dichotomy between the Red States and the Blue States. Needless to say, it is the Red States scrapping the bottom with the Blue States shining at the top.

At the top is Vermont, home of self-described social democrat Senator Bernie Sanders, with Romneycare's Massachussets bringing up a strong #3 -- you know, the state with whose Republican-developed health system upon which Obamacare was modeled. On life support at the other end of the scale were the blood red, or perhaps, gangrenous green, states of Mississippi and Louisiana tieing for 49th as the least healthy states and Arkansas, West Virginia and South Carolina all on life support.

Seems to me, at least in regards to a healthy citizenry, the simple thing to do would be to model our national policies off those successful states.

Oh wait, we just did that, didn't we.

In any case, it just forever befuddles me how these Red states, typically at the very bottom of just about any and every social, health or other measures of the well being of their citizens nonetheless try to propound their governance and policy ideas upon the nation through a certain party unnamed. Perhaps though, America is becoming increasingly fact based rather than ideologically faith-based when it comes to politics and governence, looking at the relevant facts and figures, and hence, the 2012 election results.

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