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Originally Posted by brew View Post
Am I the only one disturbed by the fact that you stare at your boss's belt buckle every day?

Anyways, I'm of the opinion that you shouldn't give your bosses presents. Their job is screw you over as much as possible without making you quit or compromising your productivity. You know this and they know this - so it's just business. But if you give them presents, it all of a sudden becomes personal and they will feel guilty for screwing you over . . . and the only way for them to get rid of that guilt is to convince themselves that you are such a bad worker that you don't deserve to be treated better. At least that's how my mind works. Give your boss a Christmas card with a picture of your kids/pets on it and leave it at that.
Yes, you are the only one

You make it personal only so he'll say, I'm really sorry to fire you instead of just "I'm sorry"
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