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Originally Posted by MINIz guy View Post
I can't exactly pop the valve cover on a car that I'm checking out. I guess I can listen for timing chain rattle and VANOS rattle?

I'll have to wait for the owner to reply and tell me exactly what maintenance has been done recently. Maybe I can get the price down $500. I'm not worried about rubber parts as those can be replaced easily with the tools that I have and a few rental tools. I don't want to spend a couple grand on this car but maybe $500 more replacing a few bushings and then start driving this car to St. Louis for school from NJ. This is in no way going to be a mint vehicle but just something that will start up everyday and drive in comfort.
At that mileage, it would probably be nice to drop the rear subframe and do the bushings. There are 17 of them--at least a day or two's job. (if you know what you are doing AND have the right specialty tools from a place that offers BMW-specific tools) Then if the subframe is down you might as well reinforce the attachment points on the body.

If you're willing to do the above and the rest that comes with the car, go for it.

Either way you slice it, a nice-driving and reliable BMW doesn't come cheap.
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