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Originally Posted by gselsidi View Post
Hey do you have a picture of our ABS module? where is it located on our cars? I want to test it by unplugging it. Also, what do you think about changing transmission fluid at 99k if its never been done before? on our cars? i have an 05 btw my mechanic was warning me not to do it.
Originally Posted by gselsidi View Post
Also where is the abs module on this car is it under the intake? That's where I see those metal tube things going down too. I looked everywhere on top and I couldn't find it. Thanks
Yes the thing with the metal tubes is the ABS pump. Its easier and better to test it through INPA.

Back when I was going to a mechanic (he was an ex-BMW and Mercedes tech with a PhD in mechanical engineering and used to rebuild transmissions - one of those old guru types), I was told that anything past 75k is a gamble. If you don't change it, the seals will harden and start letting fluid through. If you're past 75k and change it, it can kill your transmission too because the resoftening of seals can also let fluid through and wreck the transmission.

If it were me, I'd change it but do it gradually.
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