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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
Junior, you claimed my comments were just opinions... As a retort, I provided you with statistical facts to support my position.

When the average household credit card debt is up near 10k and 70+% of the nation is fat, my comments are more than reasonable.

Now you're just going to throw insults my direction because you know I'm right.
All you have are numbers that don't provide any conclusion. The uncited data does not state who holds the debt. For example, what's the average credit card debt for an individual making $500,000 a year with $80,000 of credit card debt and a person making $45,000 a year with $1,500 of credit card debt?

Assuming you can do basic math... exactly right bro.

Nor does your uncited data reference the weight of those holding the debt.

Your "generalizations" are nothing more then logical fallacies.

You deserve to be insulted. You embarrass yourself while ignoring forum rules you outright acknowledge and laud.
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