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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
Unions improve working conditions at the expense of their employers and, ultimately, their workers. They fight for their own interests not that of the community... just look at the big auto groups or, more recently, hostess.
Improving working conditions at the expense of their employers. OK I will agree with that. At the expense of their workers...eh....not so much. It wasn't hostess workers we are talking about here. It was The Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union. They have members beyond just those who work for the now defunct hostess. It can be argued that if they had given in to Hostess' demands/requests it would have hurt all their members over the long haul. The good of the many out weighs the good of the few. And judging from at least a few of the union members interviewed, there were hostess employees that were members of that union who were believed in that.
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