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Great news everyone, BMW had my hose in stock. Picked it right up 2 days before I'm supposed to drive 80 miles home for Christmas break! I installed the new hose, and JB welded my ET bleeder screw back together and let it sit for 24 hours before installing. This thing is like cement. I installed everything, but everything back together, and added coolant. I bled the system as properly as I know how, by leaving the cap off and letting the fan run at low speed at 91* for about 15 minutes while bubbles came up and out of the system. Car got to running temp, and stayed!!

- Took a while but my heat inside the cabin returned. I do have full heat right now.
- Took the car out for a drive nice and slow to see if my repairs could withstand the pressure, and they do!
- Only thing is though, I'm getting an intermittent low coolant light in the dash. Car ran for 45 minutes and didn't overheat, I inspected my work and everything is bone dry.
- What do you guys think about the coolant light? I'll add some more coolant once she cools down in a few hours and see if that helps.
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