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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
Actually, I see much more angst amongst the Samsung guys. It's almost like a short-man syndrome or something where they constantly have this burning desire to one-up those with the iphone5.

I look around and see MOST iPhone owners who don't really give a fawk. They're just like "yeah it's an ok phone i like it"... enter Android user who wants to bash him "only an idiot would buy the iphone.. droid can ________ ______ ______ AND ________"

Then again, I guess it shouldn't surprise anyone given the Samsung ads.

FWIW, I own an iPhone5, love the phone, and HATE the brand. When I had to go into the store to pick up a new charging cable, I felt like I had walked into a temple of Scientology.
Go into the iphone thread and say anything bad about the Iphone youll get attacked, even if its a know problem they will come up with some excuse why its okay
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