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Originally Posted by Lair View Post
They're going to compete with texas for highest number of minumum wage, part-time jobs?
As I stated in another thread:

Originally Posted by casino is no lie View Post
It's going to disincentivize the formation of unions. Would you want to pay dues to an organization to receive its benefits when others do not? And with less money and less exclusivity comes a degradation in their leverage.

I would expect more business coming to the Detroit area in my industry given the close proximity to OEM's because there isn't that fear of unionization and some of the hurdles that come with it.

I see competition increasing. Better wages for employees. And hopefully lower prices for the end user.

It pays to have a happy, skilled and consistent workforce. They'll lose their talent if they pay minimum wage to a competitor. Plus the less dues they pay the more money in their pockets. When all is said and done RTW states tend to pay their workers better because they actually get to keep what they earn (minus the typically taxing associated with income).

And considering the economic incentives to open up shop in Michigan without the fear of a union costing a company a fortune, it will draw more business to the area.

More business means more competition. And more competition means better wages.

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