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Originally Posted by trj View Post
Thanks for the replies on my questions man.
I will try to persuade her towards a manual transmission, which I highly doubt she will agree on.

Worth a try. I just "gave" my fiance my E46 as she didn't have the money for another car. To me, the cost of the E46 is well worth the outcome it produced. She's already asking about M cars, so it looks like I'll have no issue with buying more BMWs later, or even better, never buying an automatic. Ever.

But everything else seems like better than e46.

Everything but weight and size I'd say. The latter can be better depending on amount of road trips you take and people you haul though. Longer wheel base and ride height will help in snow if you live in those godforsaken areas like I do.

May be I will give her my e46 and buy a manual e39(they are hard to come by clean though).

That's what I did. No regrets.

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