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Thanks for all the tips people.
I will definitely keep a look out for a nice one to show up with manual transmission. For now, all I see are automatics. Not that I would mind an auto for my daily commute of 80 miles. But I am looking to move near my work so the distance will be reduced a lot, hence driving a manual shouldnt irritate me.

Yes I do live in snow belt. Colorado. But I have managed to go to Aspen to ski in December in my e46. So, snow is less of an issue or I care less about.
Definitely looking for a 530, driving a 325 I would like a little more power on a bigger heavier car. V8 is something I would leave for roadster, thinking of an xk8 for later

I love the ride of e39. A friend had a 525i and I like the quite and comfortable no-drama ride. However, I am not sure if he had the sports package. Didnt really take a note of the steering wheel or the seats.

Do you guys recommend getting a sports package or normal? Yah I do need heated seats though(winter package or not).
How much should I expect pay for an 01-03 530i less than 120k miles? I know it depends on the condition of the car, but I'd rather hear it from the owners.

I read more about the dead pixels and cooling system over at bimmerfest. I am pretty sure I can handle most of the stuff DIY. I was more worried about something bigger like the subframe issues early e46 had, which seems to be not the case with e39.

Again, thank you guys. I will keep on posting when I find the ones I like. I might go and test drive a few before the holidays to get a feel.
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