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Originally Posted by scarede46er View Post
Hyundai? Really!!
Yah, it was and still one my considerations. Hyundai has come a long way and I want something reliable and cheap if my fiance is going to be driving around. Not to mention the warranty it should come with. And for a daily driver I am not going to spend a lot.

Originally Posted by jfoj View Post
I have not mislead anyone that they will not experience any problems, they are a big brother to the E46.

I mentioned window moldings & vapor barriers, I cannot recall or list everything.

I think the window regulators are a bit more hefty than the E46?? At least I do not know anyone who has had issues.

Ignition switch is probably no different than the E46 as far as issues?

Forgot to mention same or worse power steering hose problems.

But at least I do not have any oil leak or air filter housing issues as I have an S62! I think the S62 makes up for any short comings that the E39 may have!

My point the chassis is a very tight, well designed and safe chassis.

But it is still a BMW so expect the nit picky problems.
I have learnt to live/deal with all the quirks on e46 and e39 just seems to be a bigger brother. So, I am pretty sure I will be able to handle those situations where something small breaks.

I am/was more concerned with the major issues that I cant take care of myself.I like e39s and being able to DIY adds more inclination towards it. To me car is a car, a machine designed to serve our needs. A machine is destined to break down, but with e39 I shall be ready for such cases. I do not treat car as a trophy or novelty. I want something that will give me safety, comfort and I will able to work on it if required.

Originally Posted by jneumann View Post
Other than zip tie mod, how?

For a 530i/5 M-Sport <120k miles, I'm betting north of $9-10k. A friend bought a '03 matching that description with 70k miles for $12k or so the same week I got mine. I still maintain I got the better deal, but well maintained high mileage M54's don't concern me.

IMHO, the E39 is a grown up, proper E46. Everything you love about the E46, with a bit more, but without the newer car suck. Or the expensive luxury car suck. Mine even averages damn near the same mileage as my 323i when I drive it nice. (upper 20s, low 30's mpg) It's even ~3600lbs, as opposed to nearly 4000lbs or more with the E60 and above. And where else are you going to find a luxury car of the level of an E39 with a third pedal and a sporty attitude?
Thats what I guessed for a price point on a well maintained e39. I will keep on looking for a good one to show up.

Thank you guys, you have been a great help.
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