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A4RingedONE8T, by the way, when going turbo, how is the mass airflow sensor issue handled? Do you extend the wiring and have it in place in front of the turbo intake, or is there some computer trickery involved?

And is there enough room to run a simple cast manifold, like the ones made by godspeed, which would place the turbo rearward?

Thanks for the info. I love your setup. Our roadsters are even the same color. And I too had dual front splitters like you, but Arizona claimed one of them on my drive from San Diego, CA to the F1 race in Austin, TX. It was the middle of the night and I didn't see a thing, the winding road was just a patchwork of black and grey and all I heard was a loud bang, then a little later the sound of the splitter finally giving up the ghost and passing underneath my car. All that was left was the central support bar hanging onto a little shred of carbon fiber. Whatever it was took out the brake ducting on that side too (passenger side).

MAF placement and if one is even retained will depend on what your plan is for tuning. None use the stock variant. Some tunes will require a draw through MAF, usually the 803 Porsche MAF. A few use a blow through MAF, typically a Ford MAF, but each tuner uses something a little different. My car was tuned by Nick G. using his own blow through MAF setup. It's on the cold side intercooler piping, you can just see it in a few of the pictures above.

There are a few different cast manifolds that are perfectly acceptable for a bottom mount setup. Not sure I'm familar with the one you mentioned, have a link?

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I also noticed that your wheel wells are not the stock M Roadster ones, the ones with the brake ducts, as well as the intake tube on the driver's side (not needed in this application, obviously), but is there any particular reason you switched to different wheel wells? Just wondering.

See, I'm just looking for all the help and wisdom I can get with this turbo project. I used to be a Mazda guy with a couple of Miatas that I turbo'd myself, ground up, but those seem like a cakewalk compared to turboing an S52. Those engines (early Miata 1.6s) were made to be turbo, as they were in the 323 gtx. Piston oil squirters, sealed off oil feed and return points for the turbo, the lot. I ran TD04Hs on those, but I'm going with a T3/T4 on this car.

I'm not looking for the 500+ whp you pulled off, just a nice round 350, see how that feels and then maybe step up to 400.

Thanks ahead of time for the help!
Your car is S52 (98-00) or S54 (01-02)? S52 Roadsters and Coupes did not come with the brake cooling ducts from the factory, only the S54 cars. My fender liners are the original ones the car came with, they are trimmed up a little on the outer edges so they don't rub the wheels/tires but other than that are completely stock.

I wouldn't use a standard T3/T4 budget turbo. SC61 if you want to stay most budget friendly or a GT35R if you want ball bearing would be the smallest I'd use, even if you're looking for lower power goals to start.

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Pardon my forum lingo ignorance, how might I contact Shawn the OP?

You can post here, PM me, or email
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