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Originally Posted by jfoj View Post
I have not mislead anyone that they will not experience any problems, they are a big brother to the E46.

I mentioned window moldings & vapor barriers, I cannot recall or list everything.

I think the window regulators are a bit more hefty than the E46?? At least I do not know anyone who has had issues.

Ignition switch is probably no different than the E46 as far as issues?

Forgot to mention same or worse power steering hose problems.

But at least I do not have any oil leak or air filter housing issues as I have an S62! I think the S62 makes up for any short comings that the E39 may have!

My point the chassis is a very tight, well designed and safe chassis.

But it is still a BMW so expect the nit picky problems.
My E39 ignition switch crapped out. I've actually NEVER SEEN OR HEARD OF an E46 ignition switch problem. Makes me think the problem doesn't exist on E46?? E39 forums are littered with ignition switch problem threads. Beats me.

Of course, the E39 is brilliant and probably one of the best cars human beings have ever created. Along with the E46 and E38. And that's about it.

The air filter housings on my E39 would always pop off. No matter what I did they never closed correctly (warped???) the E46 design is so simple and easy.

The E39 door panels. Just like the E36--terribly constructed. They do repair nicer than the E36 ones did though IIRC.

Actually the car I was trying to purchase before my E46 was a 2002 530i 5-speed manual w/ sport package. It was jet black with black interior. It sold within minutes of the ad going up... but then so did the car I'm driving now
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