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Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
And for the record I wouldn't think twice about buying a One X+.

I might even buy a Nexus 4. I might buy a Lumia 920.

But I simply would not buy anything Samsung makes. Samsung's build quality is a notable step down from most other brands.

No you aren't. You have proven time and time again that you are not intelligent. I've had them since the beginning too. I used to jailbreak.

There are some disappointed with iOS. But this majority that you speak of is a figment of your imagination.
You seriously are so sensitive over your precious.

I mean your iPhone.

Of course you didn't see the advantages of bitesms or intelliscreenx

You are blind & simple minded my good friend.

best mod to date : OEM grocery bag holder

Originally Posted by Zell View Post
E46Fanatics - the Honda community of gun owners. Keep staying classy, I'm sure you all are going to be excellent examples of how to keep gun rights from being infringed. :facepalm:
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