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Originally Posted by Born Again View Post
Remember when I had the original iPhone and u had the n95?

Your phone did much more and u hated the iPhone.
Hate towards the iPhone cult in the early days was somewhat merited. The only bragging right of the iphone was the operating system... in terms of tech specs, it was a solid year or two behind the leading smartphone providers. Today, things have changed.

When you look over the "technical advantages" of the android phone, they are pretty worthless features. So you end up having a discussion primarily revolving around "locked iOS" v android open source... and naturally the more tech savvy will favor the latter while the simpletons of the world will stick with the iPhone.

I likely won't jailbreak my 5 when they develop one.. simply because I don't care enough to deal with it. Would rather just acecpt what the phone does and go from there. Don't need to encrypt the nuclear football on my phone and shoot lasers out of it to kill dr. evil. I just want it to make calls, check email, and browse p0rn in peace LMAO

N95 is god.
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