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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
Without question. There is a lot more to be learned in school than you can find in textbooks and I believe that there is more liberty to provide those values (religion, discipline, etc) in private school. I'm not saying ALL private schools are better than ALL public schools (or even a majority) but rather that there is a greater ABILITY within private school to provide those. In public schools, religion (to me this is tied to ethics) and discipline are largely left out... Seeing kids get scolded in ways you could NEVER get away with in public school instilled fear which lead to respect.. a respect which has earned the same in kind from adults as I was growing up and a mutual respect now as a grown up.

Some view these as responsibilities of the parents.. and I agree. Ethics and discipline SHOULD be passed down by parents but that doesn't mean that they can't be reinforced 8 hours a day at school.

Just my two cents and anyone attacking me for this opinion is a d1ck
Let me guess... you went to a private school.
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