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Originally Posted by nek0 View Post
Ooo dear I've been short on meth so I shut it off is there any harm if I run it off?
Meth on HPF kits are 100% meth and the octane boost from the meth alone allows for more timing = more power

On the stage 2 AA kit meth is also depended but in terms of cooling and stopping detonation from happening at max boost.

The on / off hobbs switch for meth is still there on the AA stage 2 kits for other reasons, say you went on a track and they didn't allow meth.

You would have to dump in some higher octane to not detonate and over heat with-out the meth.

Plain and simple, do not take a stage 2 AA kit to max boost with-out meth on or if it's off have high grade fuel.

I may have missed something as well for I'm not a pro or installer, just my 2 cents. Maybe all tracks allow meth, not sure

Note this is for the AA Stage 2 for the M3 S54 engine if wondering
AA HKS Stg 2 / Nitrous Express

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