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Power steering complete failure

Ive been having steering play in my 04 325i, so today I put the front end on jacks to check it out and see what kind of steering rack I have if thats the problem for replacement. The only thing I did was spin the wheel while the front end was lifted just to see how my tires reacted to my steering wheel. then I dropped the car and when I tried to pull out of my driveway my steering was acting more funny then usual and when I tried to drive away my power steering completely failed. any advice? I also might of heard a little noise while spinning the steering wheel each way while it was lifted, but thats it. Im thinking maybe from lifting it I moved around some already messed up parts, idk..... my best guess would be either the pump or steering rack unless I did something stupid that I didnt realize. I posted this on another forum but didnt get any good responses.
In the mean time, i took off the line right where the fluid starts to come out of the pump, and with the car off, it just came out until my reservoir was empty. Does this mean that my pump is broken or did I not do this rite.
also the right side of my steering rack is stiff, it looks like the person b4 me installed a new tire rod, and on the left side the joint for the inner tire rod where it meets the rack is loose and is wet, there is no pool of liquids but it is wet and to me looks like its muddy and brown. Does this mean that I just need a new tire rod or a whole new steering rack. ( as well as the problems with my pump)

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