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Ok, I can't get this off my mind, it's the age old "you want what you can't have" saying. I honestly think the last date sucked pretty bad (I just wasn't all there.) But I know I could do it right this time, as we had a lot of fun our first few dates and it showed. Now, I should mention I have another girl lined up for this weekend, but in my effort to not put all of my focus on this one new girl, I was thinking of trying girl B one more time..this time something fun, unique, and really make sure I'm on my this a bad idea? We haven't talked since my last text, I can't help but wonder if she's playing a game to see how interested I am..and if I need to counter that by waiting to see if she contacts me..or just saying fvck it, and sending her a text along the lines of "hey whats up, i was thinking our last outing wasn't the most exciting, but there's this 'xx event...' going on, and it looks pretty cool, we should check it out"

Thoughts? I can't help but think if someone is interested in you, then no matter what the girl should contact you at some point, especially considering she nixed my plan to go out with her last time. Just wondering if by contacting her again I'm actually being counterproductive, solidifying in her brain that I want her, thus making her not interested anymore.

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