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Originally Posted by jmcdolej View Post
How many parents send their kids to private school just to say that they do?
I think more than you would recommend, for the same reason soccer moms want a german car rather than a Hyundai for no REAL reason.

Originally Posted by SLVR JDM View Post
I'm investing in the front end of their education so that by the time they get to college they have a solid foundation to build on and hopefully more choices in which college to attend.

The cost of college by the time my kids will attend will be astronomical, so unless parents are very wealthy, they cannot save enough to pay for college in whole. I'd rather prepare them with solid elementary and high school foundations so that they can have a better shot at competing for scholarships and learn good studying habits from a young age. If my kids are not taking it seriously then it is a waste, so it is up to them to make the most of the opportunity I'm giving them.

I realize this is not a traditional viewpoint and goes against the grain of saving for college vs. saving for elementary/high schools.

Different strokes for different folks. Money will likely have to be borrowed for college in any case, so I'm willing to take the risk.

In Texas, they had this thing called the "Texas Tomorrow Fund". Essentially, it was a saving account you started for your kid when they were younger where you would be able to send your kids to any public state College at TODAY's tuition rates. I'm surprised more states don't do this.

Originally Posted by SLVR JDM View Post
Just so we're clear....you believe that people are intentionally paying many thousands of dollars per year per student to receive an inferior education with no benefit over public schools?

Heck of a business plan and they have a lot of people duped into thinking otherwise. Maybe this is just varies by locale though and yours is an anomaly.

I think you are giving people more credit than is due, there are plenty of people with more dollars than sense. This overwhelming idea that there is a higher "quality" of people that send their kids to private school is absurd.

Originally Posted by k2pilot View Post
I say do both, It's what I did. You get to view more of the spectrum, and depending on the private school, the networking can be extremely good. Most of my friends came from the private high school I went to, even though I was only there for a year. Compared to the public high school I went to, where I felt like a ghost. The public school experience is far more like the real world, but the private school has potential to be far more stimulating. Educationally I found the public school to be slightly better, since they don't try and baby you.

Once your kid has a few years in the high school system, have them test out and start up at the local JC, even more real world, and they get usable college credits.
This is the best advice ever. If I can take the class at my local CC for 1/4th the price and transfer it in, I do. I'll run completely out of classes around the 60hr mark that I can take at CC - so much $$$ saved!
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