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Originally Posted by pauljcl View Post
Thank you much. It appears to be on the underside of the unit, and I will have to unbolt the unit to turn it over and view the bottom. I'll try "3138" first, though !
I'll let you know. Time is in short supply for me now.....
Paul, did some searching and found a couple videos on youtube that are interesting pertaining to this thread. The first one is locating the PassKey# on a Z4 I think. The unit is not located in the same place as the E46 convertible but it shows you what to look for.....

The 2nd video is for a 2011 M3. I know it's not the E46 put kinda shows the process better than I can explain. Funny, he used 0000 as his PK #. This may be for the newer model or the "I" system.

'05 330ci

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