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I went to parochial gradeschool, and a Marianist highschool (private) and would love to send my future son there (it's an all boys school). I felt I got a good mix there because it was people from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds. If my wife and I are so inclined when we have kids, we'll probably send them to private highschool. Definitely not a Catholic one, but one that is run by the Jesuits, Marianists, or something similar.

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I live in an excellent school district, but I'm still likely sending my kids to private schools. Why? Public schools have to deal with a lot of state and district level nonsense which private schools do not. Avoiding the administrative and misguided curriculum nonsense allows the teachers at a private school to focus on teaching, not administrative BS that takes up the majority public school teachers' time.

My wife is a teacher in the district and it is an issue that is big enough that the teachers are pushing back to the administration up to the superintendent. Keep in mind these are "excellent" schools too, at least by state scoring standards. Just think if they had time to focus on actual teaching rather than simply trying to get the kids to score well on state tests.


I'm sure my kids will get a fine education either way, but I'd prefer to give them a leg up from the beginning.
What highschool did you go to?????

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Summary: it completely depends on the situation.
This is really the best thing in the entire thread. It 100% completely depends on the situation.

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Public schools here are so far ahead of Private it is rediculous. Private do not have to meet the strict guidlines of public schools. I would be cheating my kids to send them private.....and throwing college money out the window
That's not true in the area that I live in....private schools are governed by a set of standards just like public. Also, may want to work on the spelling....seems as if the public system failed you

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