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Originally Posted by yousharenow View Post
I think you are giving people more credit than is due, there are plenty of people with more dollars than sense. This overwhelming idea that there is a higher "quality" of people that send their kids to private school is absurd.

When I did go to private school, it was with the kids of some seriously successful people, this said nothing of the kids, or the school. I called it "daycare for rich kids". The school wouldn't let you fail, so we all got laptops and spent 90% of the day screwing off. Come graduation time hardly any of those kids went on to very impressive colleges or careers. All the hard working smart ones I knew came out of public school, that said so did some of the biggest screw ups, it's sink or swim!

Originally Posted by yousharenow View Post
This is the best advice ever. If I can take the class at my local CC for 1/4th the price and transfer it in, I do. I'll run completely out of classes around the 60hr mark that I can take at CC - so much $$$ saved!
I think everyone here is preaching their own path as the best, including us.

Originally Posted by VaderDave View Post
This is an important point. One of the things many private schools seem to have over public schools nowadays is the ability to provide really good extracurricular programs (sports, music, drama, art, etc.). So part of the question becomes whether there are good alternative programs in your community to fill that gap for your kid and his or her personal interests.
Your kid's personal hobbies could potentially be far beyond the scope of any extracurricular activities the school may offer, and if that were the case, then it's more important he/she has free time to pursue those interests, this is where private schools can get in the way as they're far more time intensive than a public school. It's better to learn those extracurricular interests outside the scope of a school, since the majority of the time their structure gets in the way of real learning.
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