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Originally Posted by Schlag96 View Post
I'm not sure what you did from reading that, but you need to remove the screw, fill till it's done bubbling out (I massage the upper hose a bit), screw in the screw, then pump out the ET till it's at the right level.

Don't forget that while you're filling and bubbling the heat needs to be on and set at 91.

If you do all that correctly, you shouldn't have any issues. If you still do then your system is compromised in some way.
So major setback today; car ran great all day yesterday and today, until I got back to campus. I had a spike in engine temp that quickly returned back to normal, and when I get back I see a small puddle of coolant on the ground. Upon further investigation, turns out the hose I just replaced may not be on tight enough to the ET, cause thats where all the drip and steam was emerging from. I went to loosen the bleeder screw to relieve some pressure, and the head of the bleeder screw sheared off. Whats left is the bleeder screw section still present in the upper hose, but with a pin hole in it that came off with the head of the screw. I'm forced to to jb weld the pin hole there. I'm currently waiting for my engine temp to go down a bit so I can put this hose on tighter. Its a nightmare
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