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Originally Posted by tock172 View Post
I fully subscribe to the Steve Jobs tenet that the consumer has no idea what he/she wants until you show it to them.

Also, my iPad does free tethering via Wifi, bluetooth or the USB cable.
I'm exactly the opposite. I know what I want, and I'll buy whatever product that comes closest. When I first bought a smartphone, I wanted LTE, so the iPhone was immediately out of the running (year and a half ago). Next, I wanted at least 4" screen. I think 4.5" is really the sweet spot for my hands. I also wanted navigation and tight integration with the Google services I was using. It was a pretty easy choice, and since then I've found more features that ensure I'll be sticking with my choice.

The reason I rooted in the first place was to bypass Verizon's $20/month fee for tethering. They include tethering at no charge on new plans, but I'm still on the old unlimited data plan. This was used for my internet access at my old apartment. Killed two birds with one stone: unlimited mobile data and home internet access for $30/month lol. But back then their LTE was at least 2x faster here than it is now

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