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Originally Posted by SamDoe1 View Post
The picture you took seems like kind of an exception though. For starters the room is huge with very large windows which make it seem large no matter what color is on the wall.

Second, that room has light paint and what appears to be white baseboards and no trim around the windows.

Third, flat paint on trim would not be very durable at all... I wouldn't go any lower than satin paint for trim pieces and especially baseboards.

Last, we have an accent wall in my house painted dark blue. What color trim would you recommend to go on there? Currently the whole house is natural oak and I'm not a fan.

The room isn't as big as it looks. I've driven by the house a few times, and it's more the open layout that emphasizes size - and the fact that the house spans the lot lengthwise. From the outside anyway, the windows don't seem that large - but from that side it's painted gray.

Dunno on the blue wall, I'm not much of a designer. I'm just in the process of figuring out how to restore a modern house we bought without screwing up the original style. So, if you were to ask about what to do with a blue wall in a mid-century modern house, I'd have some idea. Other than that I'm clueless.

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