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Originally Posted by sea6speed View Post
Demonstrating is different from allowing semi-permanent displays on public property, or using public funds to create a religious display. It's funny how some conservatives are perfectly fine diverting public resources toward typical right wing causes, however frivolous they may be.

And let's not kid ourselves. The real reason these displays are banned isn't because of people hating on Christians, it's because true equal access, allowing anyone to set up whatever display they want, would cause an uproar.

See "Skeleton Santa" - some people found it offensive, so rather than try to enforce "legitimate religious displays" Loudoun County opted to ban them altogether.

Yes, just another way Chase demonstrated what a brainwashed tool he actually is. His performance just prior to the election was nothing short of spectacular.
I don't agree and never will with government money being used for religious purposes. However, if the majority of a nation are a certain type of people, and they want christmas to be celebrated (btw, christmas is a federal holiday) they should be allowed to put a harmless scene of a bunch of people in dress and some tinsel. It hurts no one unless you are looking for something to pick at. I will never agree. Calling a christmas tree a christmas tree and having a nativity scene of a town building laws is completely harmless.....unless you WANT it to be offensive and need something to attack. Like I said, I'm not christian, but like the friendlyness, decoration, the story, the holiday spirit, etc etc etc. I think those atheists are fascists. "I DON'T LIKE IT" means "YOU CANT HAVE IT."

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