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Originally Posted by sea6speed View Post
I have no problem putting it up for a vote and going with what the majority favors. That isn't what's going on here.

You didn't address the issue of setting aside public space for religious displays. Are you for or against using public resources (space on lawns, roofs, lobbys, etc...) for religious displays? And if so, which religions are valid for consideration? Which groups are not allowed to use this space?

And for the record, I got a 10' tall tree and decked my house out with lights, so I'm not banging some anti-christmas drum. Private residence though.
Here is my take on it...

1) Government funds in ANY WAY (including labor to put up the decorations are not allowed to be used) with the EXCEPTION of christmas trees/christmas decorations. Christmas is a federal holiday and an institution in this country. Hell, the white house has 13 trees. The nativity scenes are to be put up by a local church or school, or whatever, with privately raised funds.

2) Decorations are not to be discriminated against based on religion, but a matter or taste. A lamb dangling bleeding from the neck, a pentagram on fire with devil eyes, or Priapus are inappropriate in terms of taste, not religion.

3) Any group can use the public space for their displays. This is my problem. The atheists are acting like fascists. They don't want to put their own stuff up, they are just saying "we don't like this so you cant have it." Are they trying to put up a festivus pole and are denied? If they wanted to put up a giant lit up "A" for a fake holiday they created, they should have the right, since they are also tax paying citizens and the government is here to serve them just as much as it is to serve the christians and the jews. However, this is not the case. I would agree that if a large enough group (I guess a nationally recognized would be a start) wants to put up peaceful and tasteful decorations for their holiday, they should be allowed to.

Again, I'm a jew and have a 10' tall tree in my house. Why? Because I like the way it looks and smells, nothing to do with Jesus.

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