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Hi Guys,

Please let me update you guys on what's happened since last night, and then I would really appreciate it if you can chime in with what's going on! Please, I need some help/input!

So after the AAA guy installed the new battery last night, the lights went away. I asked him, do I need to drive it or anything to charge, he said, no, you're good.

I didn't use the car all day today, since last night. But around 12 hours later, I started the car WITH the built-in voltage diagnostics:

Without starting the car, I got readings of 124 - 125

I then started the car, and the readings remained at around 125 and the battery light was on again :'(!!!

I then gave it some gas... and BOOM, the readings jump to 14X and the light goes away !!

I stay idle just to make sure. Nothing changed, so I proceeded to drive.

I put the Nav on, bluetooth, lights were on, heat was at medium fan, and the readings throughout the drive remained between 139 and 140... no battery light!

5 or so miles into the drive, I pull into a parking lot and BOOM the battery light comes on, readings fall to 125 and keep dropping !!!!

I PANICKED and floored it towards my home! Did NOT want to be stranded AGAIN!!! I shut the heat off, turned the Dynavin off, no Auto lights, and take the phone charger out! The readings STOP dropping off at 119 and 120... Light on ...!

Now here's the twist.... for the 5 - 6 miles as I was flooring it home, the voltage NEVER fell below 119 and kept toggling between 119 and 120 ??? The battery light was SOLID this time for the MOST part, not nearly blinking like it was 2 nights ago...

I park in my driveway, and again the readings never fall below 119! I put load on, 118 AT MOST!

I then turn the car off, and leave it, come back 30 minutes later and the readings are:

124 - 125 WITHOUT STARTING the car
And with the start 119 - 120 fair consistently, with super load 118, at most, battery light on SOLID!

I am completely baffled on this now guys... Is it my battery that hasn't completely charged?

Why is my light now on Solid? (for the most part?)

Why isn't the voltage dropping while the car's started and did not for the 5 - 6 miles I drove it home?

Gassing the car is NOT raising the voltage this time... stuck at 120ish...

Can someone PLEASE guide me... is it my battery or the alternator?

Thanks for your help in advance, please do chime in, thanks!
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