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Originally Posted by ICEMANBU View Post
You're going to be even more excited when you finally get it to pair up, use it for a few months, then it starts not working every now and then, then dies completely, then drains your battery because it didn't power down properly, then you take it to the shop and find out it'll be about $900 parts and labor to replace the TCU......

As convenient as the integrated BT was, a $25 Motorola BT speaker was a much smarter move for me.

TCU failure is pretty common, and apparently there's a list of "approved" phones to use with the BMW BT link so ya know....sorry to rain on the parade, but be prepared.
Interesting information ICEMAN, I wan't aware that there was any issue history with the bluetooth module. I'm a 2nd owner after 7 years with the PO. She only put 25k miles on this car when she owned it. I was able to locate her & get some history on the car, besides not driving it much. She did mention an 'electrical glitch' after the warranty ran out. She took it to an "Germen auto only" independent. They replaced the battery, sent the radio off to be repaired, removed fuse #7 & unplugged the COP blue tooth unit when I got it.:>) The radio only played for 20 min. at a time when I was driving back home after picking it up & you had to manually turn it on every time you got in the car. However, with all this put back together (replaced #7 fuse) & plugged in the BT, I have not had any battery issues in the 3 months I've had it. She said they never used the BT & never activated it. My thoughts were that she just didn't drive it enough to keep the battery charge up, with not driving it up to a month at a time.

Where have you seen the post about the issue with the BT?
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