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The only justifiable use for a Judge or Governor in the real world is to load it with .410 birdshot as a snake gun if you happen to live in an area with poisonous snakes. It's otherwise a completely worthless waste of metal.
Me and a couple guys were musing a couple months back about how it's funny how many people are saying the Judge is a great weapon for defense with the .410 shells. These are often the same guys that, if you asked them if they'd use a .410 shotgun for deer hunting or home defense, they'd say "Hell no! You need a 12ga." Funny how .410 is enough for a handgun, but not enough for a shotgun...but I digress.

I had a Sig, and I did not like it. I had buyer's remorse, but it was my fault because I didn't shoot one before I bought it. I got a good deal and took and, and hated it. By all means a good gun, just not to my taste. But that was my problem, not Sig's.
Sigs may or may not be overpriced, but only in the way that HKs are. The people who want them are willing to pay it, so maybe not so much overpriced afterall.
LOL at Gander Mtn saying something is overpriced. If I ever hear a Gander Mtn employee say that, I'll tell them "No, it's just you guys." Gander Mtn is consistently more expensive than anyone else. What a joke.
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