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Originally Posted by JQuick5156 View Post
Even the most expensive mercedes in my opinion just doesn't do it for me compared to basically anything bmw makes. I just don't like the style of 95% of Mercedes. A few cars I liked but bmw>mercedes every time if I'm paying for it.
makes sense, but also just different cars usually.

Originally Posted by SABR42 View Post
Mercedes is for old people. Their steering is too light, suspension too soft, and they don't make manuals (the only new Mercedes available with a stick is the base model SLK, no thanks). Their cars just don't feel sporty. The AMG division? Those cars look nice and sound amazing, but you still can't get one with a manual. Not to mention, the bigger AMG models are just big brutes that are fast in a straight line but can't go around corners properly. I like the C63 AMG, but the fact that you can't get one with a stick shift eliminates me as a potential buyer.

<3 Audi and BMW
you obviously haven't driven many. Mercedes are absolutely next level. My car is FAST. and the ONLY car that has ever beat me on the track is my friend's E55 with the lightweight pulley and software, and it pretty much destroyed me. They are absolute beasts and the detail that merc puts into their cars is almost unmatched. This is all referring to the top of the line models obviously, i wouldn't buy a bmw or mercedes that wasnt AMG, msport, M, fully loaded, etc.

for people who don't understand benz, just watch this video

i will also say that comparing mercedes and bmw isnt really useful, they are different animals. i am just saying that if you don't think mercedes is nice, drive a c63 or a g63 around for a few weeks and get back to us, haha.
it doesn't have to be a this or that argument. you can have both.

hands down my favorite benzs made are the g63 and the c63 black series.

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