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Originally Posted by sgoetz628 View Post
I've had mine for a couple of months, but have been unable to get it to work. I'm not so good with software. You're welcome to borrow it while waiting for yours to come in. All I would ask is that you pay shipping both ways and help me with installation when I get it back, if you're able
I'd be more than grateful to take you up on that offer and help you when you're ready as well, I'll shoot you a PM shortly. I've been researching the program and it's features. I got a copy via torrent.... just cant find cables (OBD2 to USB) anywhere to buy except ebay. I'm tired of playing the waiting game, I rather a brick and mortar store.

Originally Posted by E46tknv View Post
I have the software. I don't know about letting you borrow it. Id be more then happy to assist you in whatever you need to do with the software. PM me what you need to do with your car.
I managed to get my hands on a copy as well, just to cables. Either way I'd be grateful as well to get the help. Don't need to do too much check for errors and mainly turn on the EWS I put in.

Originally Posted by emgee View Post
what do you need to do to your car?
I've installed a factory alarm for over 3 weeks and the stealership tried to give me a greased up quote just to turn it on. Talking about***********: I need a new key with the alarm. $180 and according to them it take 2 hrs to do and the labor rate is $150 or 160 so in all at least $500 just to turn the phuking alarm on? FOH the look and laugh I gave the service salesman he kinda got a bit nervous, he didn't need a watch to know "What time it is!" SO I said to myself "Self: PHUCK IT" I might as well learn about doing it myself.... but I will admit I'm extremely impatient. (I've been working on that flaw for 30 years LMAO)

The thing is I have a nice Head unit (pioneer avh series, motorized single din) to put in but don't want to install that until there's an alarm with some type of added security, aside from just the doors being locked.

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