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Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
You are misquoting me. I said I don't want my kids to see gays kissing in public...I, me, myself. I never said it should be against the law, nor am I doing anything to stop it. I just don't like it. If I see it, I would turn my daughter around and go the other way. The shoe is not on the other foot.
No one is saying that private entity or organization cannot, on its private property display a nativity for the public to view.

We are talking about public/civic property.

The point still stands. You are saying that one (xmas) is OK because "it is tasteful" but the other (Priapus) is "not tasteful". Hence shoe, other foot.

"Just like you don't want your kids having to see..."

The point, as was the point when you made that original state lo those many threads ago, is that in a public/civic place, you don't get to decide if it is OK for others to do that. Regardless of whether you find the action "tasteful" or "acceptable for your children's viewing".

If the govt is going to allow the display of a nativity scene on public property. Hey, great, fine and dandy. But, all those "pro-christmas" folks better keep their collective yaps shut when the Priapus statue is put on display on public property. How much you wanna bet, the churches will be the first ones "up in arms" and Fox News will be talking about "the war on christianity" and how this is what happens when heathen pinko liberals aren't lined up against the wall and shot by the god-fearing NRA at birth.
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