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Originally Posted by ICEMANBU View Post
You're going to be even more excited when you finally get it to pair up, use it for a few months, then it starts not working every now and then, then dies completely, then drains your battery because it didn't power down properly, then you take it to the shop and find out it'll be about $900 parts and labor to replace the TCU......

As convenient as the integrated BT was, a $25 Motorola BT speaker was a much smarter move for me.

TCU failure is pretty common, and apparently there's a list of "approved" phones to use with the BMW BT link so ya know....sorry to rain on the parade, but be prepared.
First, we'll see if it works or not.
I have a Motorola device (but probably a touch more expensive than the one you recommend). It is useless for because, when the top is down and I'm driving along, I can't really understand what people are saying and they for sure cannot hear me clearly. So this may be better.....
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