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Photo Degradation

[: decomposition of a compound by radiant energy]

If the interior is subjected to extreme ultra violet (UV) radiation the pigmented urethane protection will begin to exhibit a common reaction, oxidation. This is the beginning of photo degradation; a common primary reaction is oxidation. Some materials absorb UV radiation more readily than other materials. Materials that readily absorb (UV) radiation are quickly damaged; rubber, vinyl, gel coat fibreglass, and many other plastics.

When radiation is absorbed, it starts to break (cleave) weak chemical bonds, which leads to (oxidation) photochemical degradation (bleaching, fading, discoloration, chalking, brittleness and cracking) all indications of ultra violet deterioration. The bond cleavages resulting from UV absorption cause the formation of "radicals." Each free radical can trigger a chain of reactions (in the presence of air), leading to more bond cleavages and destruction. These oxidizing chain reactions require no further UV exposure, just the presence of air

You may be able to remove the oxidation by lighl sanding; but usually once the urathane has been subjected to photo degradation, the only 'fix' is to replace the uathane pigmentation layer.

Ultra violet (UV) protection - 303 Aerospace Protectant - is water and will provide invaluable ultra violet (UV) radiation protection against photo degradation (fading) protection; especially in a roadster or convertible vehicles. It doesn't contain silicones, so it won't attract and capture dust. You should apply to a clean surface (it doesn't contain any cleaning agents)
It will not prevent finished leather hydration (transpiration and evaporation of moisture) as its water-based, although it coats the leather with a micro fine coating; it will not seal it per se.

Note: this product does NOT air dry. Use a second dry cloth to finish the application process. Extra buffing with at dry cloth increases bonding, repellence and durability

"Leather pigment (Dye) restoration" -

"Proper Finished Leather Cleaning and Care" -

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