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Originally Posted by Weste46 View Post
..I'll get this back on topic! I haven't seen any updates, anything new?

I would like to add that your drive shaft u-joint could be bad.. did you look over it? A bad u-joint will cause these issues.. I have the same issue, but haven't replaced anything yet. I think I may just replace the entire drive shaft right away to avoid false diagnosis. My guibo looks good, I'll drop the exhaust and look at the u-joint and CSB. I'll keep updated, but I would recommend testing your u-joints by lifting your car, putting it in neutral and trying to twist your drive shaft. If it has ANY play in the u-joint, that is supposed to indicate failure.

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Yah wish I had known to look at my driveshaft ujoints while doing the guibo and CSB. Since it requires complete exhaust removal to just get to it to inspect I guess I'll have to wait.

But how exactly then is my thing affected by temperature? During the summer months I didn't feel it, now that it's gotten colder and I certainly feel the vibration a lot more.

Originally Posted by AudiEtr View Post
It's not the drive shaft or the vibration would be more constant. It's prob the u-joints. Don't you have a tuner you could go to? I'm all for fixing it yourself but this is a little ridiculous don't ya think.
What's ridiculous? Taking it to a tuner and have them check the things I can check? I've asked around and took the car into the garage only to come back with saying couldn't find it. They also assumed before that it was the rear axles so I took care of that and now nothing still got the issue.

If I had taking it to my tuner and let him do my axles I would of walked away $$$ poorer only to still have the issue, so no I don't think its ridiculous trying to find the problem myself.
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