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Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
The only justifiable use for a Judge or Governor in the real world is to load it with .410 birdshot as a snake gun if you happen to live in an area with poisonous snakes. It's otherwise a completely worthless waste of metal.
Me and a couple guys were musing a couple months back about how it's funny how many people are saying the Judge is a great weapon for defense with the .410 shells. These are often the same guys that, if you asked them if they'd use a .410 shotgun for deer hunting or home defense, they'd say "Hell no! You need a 12ga." Funny how .410 is enough for a handgun, but not enough for a shotgun...but I digress.
You probably have way more experience than I do, but I would have to say I was seriously impressed firing that weapon. I would definitely use it for the home and car. Can you explain your reasoning for saying its a worthless waste of metal?

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