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State Rep. Lisa Posthumus Lyons tried to exempt husband from right to work law.

ALTO, MI - Michigan House Democrats are calling an assistant majority floor leader a hypocrite for proposing an amendment that would have exempted her husband from right-to-work bills that lawmakers passed, and Gov. Snyder then signed into law.

State Rep. Lisa Posthumus Lyons, R-Alto, was among right-to-work supporters quoted in The New York Times on Tuesday, Dec. 11, saying "this is the day that Michigan freed its workers." But she also proposed to add corrections officers to the list of public employees - including police and fire - not covered by the right-to-work law.

The amendment was gaveled down and did not come up for a vote.

"When we talk about the brave women in police and fire we need to remember people in corrections," said Lyons, whose husband, Brad Lyons, is a corrections officer. "These guys work in conditions that we can't even begin to imagine.

"It's not financial. It's philosophy. I am saying we need to treat our corrections officers that way we treat our police men and women and firefighter men and women."

House Democrats took offense to Lyons' proposed amendment, spokeswoman Katie Carey said.

"Why would she want to exempt her husband if this is such a great bill?" she said. "We were kind of disgusted with it.

"We were just kind of disappointed that she would offer this amendment at the same time lauding this legislation."

Lyons said on the House floor that "today we are a proud union family. Tomorrow, we'll be a proud union family by choice." She reiterated Wednesday, Dec. 12, that "all people should have the freedom to decide for themselves whether or not to join a (labor) organization," and "I definitely see the value that Brad's union has had and, right to work or not, we will continue to be a proud union family."

Lyons is part of the House Republican leadership caucus.

"I just do what I think is right," she said about proposing the amendment. "It is absolutely right to treat our corrections officers in the same manner that we treat our police and fire."
I understand Rep. Lyons point of view. She shouldn't take money out of her family's pocket.

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