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Boxing classes?

So I checked out a new gym near my house, and love it. Much bigger than what I'm going to currently, has WAAAAY more equipment, has usually 2-3 trainers in there at any given point, 24/7 hours, free tanning (), and is only $10 more per month.

They also have classes, most require an extra fee. I've always had an interest in boxing/MMA type stuff. I'm not sure if I'm really looking to compete in it, or if I'm just attracted to the training part of it. My question is, have any of you ever attended a boxing/mma style class? Are they usually pretty beginner friendly? If so, will I get bored with the basics?

I'm thinking of maybe doing this in the springtime, to help a bit with cutting down/cardio before summer, and to change up my routine a bit.

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