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Originally Posted by DesiredM View Post
Just an FYI my friends father has this car, an idea of service costs for you

Every 10,000kms oil change - $300
Every 20,000kms general service/inspection - $700
Every 30,000kms - major service - $4000

So be prepared to spend between $5000-$6000 a year in maintenance. Prices may be a little less in the USA but probably not to far off that amount.
Originally Posted by Rockyminator View Post
Brake job costs about $4,000, that's changing both rotors and pads. Tires are $2,000+ every 5-10,000 miles. God, I love the GTR!!! Get him to go down to 40k and go for it!!!

Wow its really that expen$ive to maintain the GT-R? I mean why so expensive? What kind of "special" oil does it use? I personally think a lot of these prices are artificially jacked up....
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