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Good news. Well the car is idling at a respectable 14.3 - 14.7 Afr AEM is now unlocked and new map installed and a few calibration changes and I'm set. With my changed TPS sensors the voltage was higher at base throttle so the AEM was thinking it was at 4% as well as triggering the accelerator pump. As a result the car had a very rich idle. So installed a new base map and setup the revised base and max TPS voltages, decreased the idle fuel map and set new target Afr range for 02 feed back calibration. Also had to add fuel to the mid range. I have only driven a few blocks so no full pulls. Car runs very smooth and is very responsive. I'll be taking it to a local AEM experienced tech & dyno it to check the new tune out weather permitting. Thanks to HPF and all there support in helping me especially Chris K and Kirk
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