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We got cabin heat, sustained 12 o clock engine temp, no low coolant light, and so far nothing leaking again. Took if for a few laps around campus just now, brought it to 3k rpm, (does increased rpm increase coolant pressure?) I just want to make sure that if I'm going 72 tonight on the highway at 3k rpm it won't blow my repairs, if so I'll go 45 I don't care. I have bled the system 4 times today, with the last time having no bubbles. When I cold start it however, the ET has been very low the past 2 times, so I'll add one more cycle of coolant to it before I head out. I have an 80 mile drive until I'm in the safety of my home where I have all the time in the world, lets just HOPE that my holds don't blow on the highway tonight. Thanks for everyone who helped me all along!

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