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Ex Still calls and text

My Ex and i broke up 5 months ago. To start off I loved this girl very much. She broke up with after dating for 3 years saying she wanted to enjoy her last semester of college and felt like we became just friends and she had no feelings me anymore.

We talked after we broke up about once a week for a month then I stopped talking to her for a month then she started texting me random things and if I responded she would not respond. Over the past 2 months she will call me twice a month and text me randomly about random things but nothing about missing or anything along those lines.

A few days ago she called me and we talked for 20min then later that night she posted some pictures at a fraternity party with a guy. She texted me that night saying that she does not want to get wrong idea that nothing is between them and she has not had sex with anyone since me. And that she wanted to see me over Christmas break. I responded that she does not have to justify anything to me and do what makes you happy.
Her and I had a amazing relationship and we loved each other very much and she ended it out of the blue one day, so it's hard for me to ignore her and I guess she misses as well but does not want to come out and say it.
Another thing i am unsure about she is graduating form college this Saturday and I am unsure if I should send her a card or something. Gotta love girls haha
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