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Originally Posted by SLVR JDM View Post
I need to cook some of your recipes while I'm off this month. This one sounds great.
I'll tell ya, last month i made one and basically used the same ingredients (minus the shortribs and celery)

Cooking the meat and veggies separate, and cooking the meat to smithereens until it is almost 100% caramelized.... same with the veggies, makes ALL the difference in the world. Like.. it amazes me that two dishes with the same ingredients taste so much different. veggies you want to brown tho, not caramelize. The onions should not be over the top sweet.

That ground short rib was key tho. The flavor from that meat and the marrow oozing out cannot be duplicated. Next time I am going to do it even better. Bone marrow with the ground short ribs, veal, some pancetta, and if i can, ground venison/wild boar. Something a little gamy to give it that ultra rustic flavor. If i do that, i'll probably toss it in a casserole and bake it as well with some fresh mozzarella on top.

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