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Originally Posted by dragosid View Post
Yeah, that's with a 10" rim. With an 11" rim as Jake's, things will be different.

Jake are you by any chance running 0 rear camber? Is that possible with your setup?
Also, did you have to do some serious pounding in the fender well or just light stuff??

As far as I gathered so far you're running 305/35/18 on 11" wheel w/ 38 offset
from what I gathered too, Jesse's running 305/35/18 on 10" wheel w/ 33 offset
so I guess the main reason for pounding the fender well in your case was the 11" wheels.

Due to my recent disappointment with local availability of tires I think I'll go a tested route and get 11" rims with the 305/35/18 555R's as in your setup. That will increase both my contact patch as well as the side wall height so my current 3rd gear traction problems on R888 295/30/19 will most probably be sorted.
I am running ~1.5 rear camber. We pounded the back/innner side of the well in a few spots. Nothing major, maybe 15 mins per side. Was not a big deal at all. I will send some photos over the weekend per your request. Also, referencing my prior post, I did measure to see whether the 315 40 would fit, in my seemingly neverending quest for 2nd gear traction. It was dark when I did measurement and I did not remove the wheel, but looks like it would easily clear in the rear/bumper area, but would just barely contact at the front near the skirt and just above on fender in a few spots. I'm sure I'm nuts but I'm wondering if there is a way that the fender could be radiused a bit to shave 1/8 inch or so and repaint to obtain clearance. Anyone done this or have thoughts??
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